Comments: Jesse Jackson adds his own sound byte to the "Spin Cycle"

Oh, you are so stupid.

"Democratic party head Terry McAuliffe thinks that it's OK to allow Jackson to spew his racial rhetoric on behalf of Kerry."

? what ?

You're own next sentence even says that Jackson was speaking on his own behalf.

"Sounds like Jackson is trying to do his level best to position himself for a lucrative position in a Kerry Administration, where he can bully the right all he wants."

First, no one would put Jackson in their administration - even if they promised him that. Never would happen. Second: Jackson bullies everyone, not just the right. I don't support his actions but at least tell the truth. Jackson bullies corporations, not individuals. If you mean to say that the right = corporations, then I'd agree.

Posted by John Lamar at October 16, 2004 03:31 PM
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