Comments: Rising Property Values Or Not

We have a church across the street. Thy are definitely our loudest neighbors, but usually it's good noise. We've also been using the parking lot as overflow parking. Not, of course, on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, or Wednesday evenings, since they have regular activities at those times. It would seem, though, that we're always conflicting with a funeral or a lawnmowing or somesuch, and they asked us (with less than extreme cordiality) not to use the lot without calling first. Of course, as he was laying down the law, the congregational representative (I assume it was the pastor, who lives about 50 yards away) was parked in our driveway. I suppose he thinks he was making a point, but it seems to me there's a difference between parking in somebody's driveway and parking in a parking lot. Anyway, he made me feel bad, which makes me defensive, I guess, since I got a little bit mad (though I was on my best behavior and apologized several times, with no apparent softening of the guy's attitude). You'd think he would at least congratulate us on our baby.

Posted by Lenise at October 18, 2004 04:38 PM