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Sorry , you dont get it. The problem is that they didnt check for the high grade explosives to make sure they werent there ...and left to boot~!
Gross negligence by franks and rumsfeld not to mention chimp

Posted by timW at October 27, 2004 11:52 PM

Sorry to piss on your parade, dumbass, but WTF??? Russians? In Iraq on the eve of the war? If you believe that, i have a whole slew of bridges to sell you! Who are you going to believe, the Washington/McLelland Times? How about the Financial Times tomorrow:

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Shaw said: “For nearly nine months my office has been aware of an elaborate scheme set up by Saddam Hussein to finance and disguise his weapons purchases through his international suppliers, principally the Russians and French. That network included. . . employing various Russian units on the eve of hostilities to orchestrate the collection of munitions and assure their transport out of Iraq via Syria.”

The Russian embassy in Washington rejected the claims as “nonsense”, saying there were no Russian military in the country at the time.

man, oh man.

Posted by kilbride at October 28, 2004 12:30 AM

Sorry TimW, but know your facts before becoming a Kerry puppet. The 3rd infantry were there, and the 101st. The embedded journalist gives first hand knowledge that she knew the 101st did check the site. Thanks for playing.

So bride... just because someone says something you'll believe it?

Didn't St. Clinton say he didn't have sexual relations with someone? Thanks for playing.

Posted by milkman at October 28, 2004 08:02 AM

Yippee. I can't wait for them and the rest of the friggin WMDs to hit my favorite S. Florida mall. 'Preciate the luv Senor Vlad Putin. Please send Chechyan rebels with homicidal tendencies. But wait, they're already comin in from bad. Good-goody-gumdrops!! Schoolchildren and women are in glee.

Posted by Beau at October 28, 2004 09:19 AM

hey, punks, check out this video of the explosives in al qaqaa after the invasion...

thanks for playing, indeed

Posted by kilbride at October 28, 2004 03:24 PM

Wow kilbride, impressive reporting. You should be the next Dan Rather.

By the by, in the *very article you referenced*, I found the following:

"On Wednesday, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS e-mailed still images of the footage taken at the site to experts in Washington to see if the items captured on tape are the same kind of high explosives that went missing in Al Qaqaa. Those experts could not make that determination.

The footage is now in the hands of security experts to see if it is indeed the explosives in question. "

Ouch. Jumping to conclusions, are we? Or perhaps you are more of an expert than those in Washington who could not make that determination?

Posted by Nathan Logan at October 28, 2004 07:32 PM
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