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Yes they are. I took mine out for a tour through the town, as a fireman and Tigger. I love it that being a fireman or a soldier is still cool to kids. However, I still can't stomach the 18 year old crowd that feels they need more candy, though.

Posted by Professor Rhodar at October 31, 2004 11:46 PM

How cute!! :)

Posted by pam at November 1, 2004 07:54 AM

My boys came back... and I just cannot remember bringing in the candy when I was a kid like they did. Holy cow.

Kids are awesome. It's what gives me hope...

Posted by Boudicca at November 1, 2004 10:16 AM

Prince William made his debut as Spider Boy able to climb bassett hounds in a single bound.
He loved it.
Kids are the best.

Posted by LC NeilV at November 1, 2004 11:31 AM

The twins were knights... pic up at my site!

Very cute commando, Anna!

Posted by Beth at November 1, 2004 01:57 PM

That face paint is not EIB standard!!!!

Just kidding, very cute! I hope she had fun out there.

Posted by RedFalcon at November 1, 2004 07:43 PM

Yes they are, enjoy them, they grow up all too fast.
Love that smile.

Posted by Jack at November 1, 2004 08:42 PM

Wow! That outfit is positively Monkey Division!

Cool. And I will explain MD in a separate e-mail, if necessary, dear. It was da bomb when I was a chirren.

Posted by Velociman at November 1, 2004 09:15 PM

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