Comments: Helm: "So they lost, huh?"

Tonight was my first time visiting the site MHKING. I just finished reading the editorial by Curt Helm. It was AMAZING!!! I am so glad that there is a site out there that fully allows black conservatives to completely express their beliefs and opinions with a "no holds barred" attitude. I am tired of reading left wing editorials that are free to bash any and all conservative beliefs and seemingly fully supported by the people and press. I feel that this site, and especially Curt's editorial encourages us to be more outspoken with our beliefs and morals. We should not be made to feel ashamed of our political views or faith. Much thanks to Curt Helm for clearly and eloquently "making plain" and making known what conservatives world wide have been wanting to say for some time now. We should be unashamed and bold in our proclamation of values and standings on EVERY moral issue. Thank you Curt for taking a huge first step for all conservatives, and supplying us with confidence to be so outspoken, and hopefully as well spoken!! Keep up the good work!! I hope to hear much more from Mr. Helm!!

Posted by Britni at November 8, 2004 10:54 PM
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