Comments: "Why can't we go to the children's museum, mommy?"

The liberal shakedown mechanism at work, take that which was originally set up and funded by taxpayer money for and intended everyone's benefit and charge them an access fee (and keep on taxing). I'd be willing to bet it started out as a fee to "protect" the museum assets and mushroomed into a full blown bureaucracy with directors, curators, administrators and interpreters all from the halls of Academia. Once they feed on the trough they're always on the trough.

Posted by Jack at November 23, 2004 01:52 PM

Uh, Jack, take a look at TCM's history page:

"The 1920s saw the concept of a museum especially for children introduced to Indianapolis. In 1924, Mrs. John N. Carey, an active participant in Indianapolis civic affairs, visited the Brooklyn Children's Museum and returned to Indianapolis determined that the youngsters of her city soon would have a museum of their own. Her enthusiasm drew three other civic-minded women to the cause, and with the help of children who contributed treasures belonging to their parents and grandparents, The Children's Museum was founded in 1925."

Not originally set up with taxpayer funds, but private money. And as conservative government policies cut more and more out of their budgets for educational programs, the cost is going to keep going up. Of course there's a bureaucracy, how else do you expect a labor-intensive $20 million organization to be run? Of course some of the staff are educated beyond high school -- Would you rather recruit the staff from McDonald's?

Most organizations such as this try to stay away as much as possible from governement funds because it comes with way too many strings attatched.

As long as you're making blanket generalizations, let me make one: not-for-profit organizations are more tightly run than most for-profit corporations. They have to be. "Liberal shakedown" my ass.

Posted by Hugh at November 23, 2004 02:29 PM

Why thank you Hugh, Your response says that you are part of the organization and that you are a true believer in the liberal cause. What started out privately ended up being forced into the public sector largely due to taxation or if it's still private it's an organization that is taxpayer subsidized by tax exemption through it's non-profit classsification, it got that status from liberal taxation policies. Either way it enjoys profits not allowed by contemporary businesses. Few organizations are exempt from taxation and those that are typically have a 20% to 30% overhead for administration costs, from what I've read about the museum it has had tremendous expansion $74 Millon since 1996 alone, quite an investment, to make it a more of an attraction, now the visitors have to pick up that tab. Let's give Disneyland and Epcott center tax exempt status too, so they can afford to expand, they perform public services by entertaining children also. All of us would like an exemption whenever we spend more than we make and have it excluded from taxation.

Posted by Jack at November 23, 2004 07:13 PM

It's the same thing here in OKC in the museums and the zoo too. It sucks.

Posted by ElizabethM at November 23, 2004 08:03 PM

While all of it is sad and true, what the devil shouldwe do about it?

Posted by K-Squared at November 23, 2004 09:40 PM

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