Comments: A Soldier's Last Request

This is so sad. I just hope that we are worthy of his sacrifice. Will there be a fund for his little girl? If so let me know as I would like to do what I can to help her.

Posted by John Williams at December 14, 2004 03:38 AM

That's a great question. I'll find out and let you know, John.

Posted by Linda at December 14, 2004 04:13 PM


Man is earth's Choicemaker. He is by nature and nature's
God a creature of Choice - and of Criteria. His unique and
definitive characteristic is, and of Right ought to be, the
natural foundation of his environments, institutions, and
respectful relations to his fellow-man. Thus, he is oriented
to a Freedom whose roots are in the natural Order of the

an American Choicemaker

Posted by Choicemaker at January 29, 2005 08:28 PM