Comments: Foul Mouth

Pure laziness.

posted by Alaska Kim on December 20, 2004 05:45 PM

It's the dentition version of face piercing.

posted by Velociman on December 20, 2004 06:13 PM

Weren't taught proper dental care as children, so never picked up the habit?

I guess that'd be the 'raised in a barn' excuse. ;)

posted by pam on December 20, 2004 09:06 PM

Sometimes, gum problems are hereditary. I've never had a problem with tooth decay, but I DO have problems with my gums. I have my own gas mask at the peridontist's office and I still go for a root-plane, deep-cleaning every three months.

I'm gonna eventually lose my perfectly good teeth anyway, no matter how much I brush and floss.

Laziness has nothing to do with that.

posted by Acidman on December 20, 2004 11:35 PM

I understand that Acidhoney, BUT I'm not talking about having some hereditary quirks kick in post 50, I'm talking ROTTING out of their heads, barnyard stench for miles at or before age 30.

IF there are still teeth in their heads to be neglecting that is. (My foster son's birth parents have not a tooth between the two of them.)

posted by Key on December 21, 2004 12:46 AM



posted by Velociman on December 21, 2004 06:33 PM

You realize, of course, "cream on the ends" is perhaps the most stunning phrase I've ever heard. Or read.

posted by Velociman on December 21, 2004 09:58 PM

But not in THAT context!

posted by Key on December 22, 2004 12:07 PM
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