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I've read your piece and listened to news reports on the recent turn of events of
the Gwinnett dentist and the death of his wife.

I would like to inquire, which may lead to an interesting story: How many suicide cases are actual murder cases?

One of the oldest forms of death that can often be manipulated to suit a killer, suicide.
So many families have questioned or protested the death of those they love. From self inflicted stabbings, hangings, gunshots, and so forth, can all be distorted by a murderer.

Whose to know the truth of a person's death, if it's not a true suicide? Just as the 14 year-old case in Augusta.

Just as in this situation, the newly release suspense novel, Won't Be Denied, threads
on the same MO as the Gwinnett dentist. The main character seeks to make a way to commit a crime that misleads the police as a sign of suicide.

How prevalent are murders portrayed as suicides?

Thank you for your time.

C.F. Jackson

Posted by C.F. Jackson at December 23, 2004 12:24 PM
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