Comments: How Were the Holidays?

I'm trying to picture industrial sized dust bunnies, and it's not very pleasant. Maybe some pictures would help.

Mmmm, nanner puddin'! A good one has more to do with freshness of ingredients rather than a particular recipe, although a good homemade pudding (not out of a box) takes considerable skill and experience. Lady Spud has been hinting about one of those fancy mixers, since our old hand-me-down broke a few months ago. Santa has not come through for her (yet).

Posted by MarcV at January 4, 2005 11:32 AM

This nanner pudding recipe has a homemade pudding sauce which isn't all that hard to make, although it does require about 20 minutes of stirring.

For years I thought I wanted a stand-mixer, but after realizing I would never, ever have room for one and reading an article in Cook's Illustrated saying that a handmixer was just as good, if a little less powerful, I decided I just needed to get a good hand-mixer. I'm very happy with this new one so far.

Posted by Jordana at January 4, 2005 11:40 AM

While a waitress at the Cracker Barrel restaurant, I found that they had the best banana pudding. Ever. It has creamy Cool Whipish type stuff with crisp wafers and smooth pudding and fresh bananas. It is very yummy. Probably the only thing I could stand to eat there. Well, it was good. Y

ou must post your new BP recipe when you get a chance. (Does that violate copyright laws?)

Posted by angie at January 4, 2005 04:03 PM