Comments: Rice politely tells Senate Dems to shove it

Ultimately, the Senate has to get rid of the arcane, unconstitutional, undemocratic filibuster.

Only in the US Senate can a determined minority thwart the will of the majority, not as a shield in protection of the minority's rights, but rather as a sword. It's wrong; it should go.

Posted by Tony Iovino at January 19, 2005 09:17 AM

We usually have a better system than the Mexican Revolution times; however, just IMAGINE a brick wall, a firing squad and Demon after Demon receiving the justice they want sane and decent people in Iraq, Iran, Darfur and North Korea to receive.

Makes you think of Boxer, Murray, Biden, Fatty Teddy and other Michael Morons doesn't it?

Posted by leaddog2 at January 19, 2005 12:14 PM

I heard more than I could take. Boxer was mean and vicious, Biden was condescending, and Kerry smiled while being rude. They lost the presidential election plus House and Senate. She(Dr. Rice) acted unset and sometimes looked it, while being attacked by Biden, Kerry, and Boxer. Boxer said she lied without using the word! Robert Byrd talked for 14 hours forty years ago to stop civil rights legislation and lost, according to a computer search! Every person put forth will be attacked including judges and other cabinet members. A vacant Supreme Court space will probably come up this year even though I hope recovery by the Chief Justice. Thomas was derided by Reed. A male conservative is bad, but a black female conservative is worst.
James M. Barber

Posted by James M. Barber at January 22, 2005 07:55 PM
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