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Dang, he looks like Mckenzie sitting there. Unfucking dignified

Posted by Tony at January 28, 2005 09:59 PM

When is an appropriate time to worry about someone's attire, if not at the memorial of 1.1 million deaths? Should we expect the President to have worn a "Padre Spring Break '94" T-shirt to the 9-11 commemorative ceremonies?

I am usually sickened when reporters care about what a movie star wore to the Oscars or the innagural ceremonies. But this situation is completely justified. It showed Cheney's lack of respect for the aweful things that happened at Aushwitz, for the people and countries present at the ceremony, and for those who died. In addition, it was one more example of the awesome incompetency of Cheney. Wearing black, formal clothes, rather than your weekend workboots is right after lessons on how to use a fork and knife to consume food. This is not Emily Post here, it is respect 101, the kind of respect any farmer in Iowa, or mechanic in Texas would (and should) demand in his own house, much less at a public ceremony in rememberence of 1.1 million gruesome deaths.

Cheney did not look like "a regular guy paying his respects to some poor soulds who had the misfortune of being hated by leftist thugs." Where do I begin? Let's start with "Paying respects." When paying respects, the most important thing to do is be respectful. It is a subtle requirement. He looked like a guy who did not have any respect for the situation. In addition, please know that watching an NBA game, or a NASCAR race is an appropriate time to look like a regular guy. Attending the memorial of one of the worst moments in recorded history, as a representative of the country that sacrificedhundreds of thousands of its own soldiers lives to end these aweful practices, is NOT THE TIME TO LOOK LIKE A REGULAR GUY!

As for "the poor misfortune of being hated by leftist thugs." I don't think you understand the meaning of many English words. The victims of the Holocaust did not suffer at Aushwitz because they merely were hated. They were killed! But most suprising in your pompous lecture of foolishness is he fact that you call the Nazis LEFTIST Thugs. Do you know what leftist means? The Nazis were by definition the most extreme right wingers of recorded time.

Back to Chgeney's foolishness. This has nothing to do with fashion, and everything to do with respect and basic intelligence (neither or which was brought to the event by the Cheney camp). Do you like our #2 looking like a seven year-old boy at his first grow-up event? I am again embarrassed for our country. Instead of defending the clod, just admit what you already know, Cheney should offer a sincere apology for his idiocy and move on. He should not let this linger, as he needs to focus. There are plenty more events where he has the opportunity to make an ass of himself and our country, right around the corner.

Jackson Kingsley

Posted by Jack Kingsley at January 29, 2005 02:29 PM

You know what absofuckinglutely pisses me off about this? People forget or refuse to take into account that this man is a fucking cardiac patient.

Trust me, from one who lives with a husband who has had a Sextuple Bypass and numerous stents and angioplasties, one of the first things the cardiologist impresses upon them is DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET TOO COLD! The cold air can trigger a cardiac episode, whether it be an attack of Angina or something much worse.

He was there. He went. He put his own well-being aside to be there in that extremely cold weather. He put his health at risk because it was only right that he be there.

The fucking fashion police can go to hell.

Posted by Mamamontezz at February 1, 2005 04:26 AM

Reckon the fashion police wanted him to spend some of our tax paying money on really warm appropriate clothes he would only wear on one or two occaisions? Look it's not as if the man is acting undignified by hula hooping at the ceremonies or something, he still looks solemn. Though of coarse I don't see the big deal, I'll take comfort and practicality over style any day......And Mama is quite right about the medical condition playing a factor. Get over it folks, it's already done now, And it was'nt doen with malice or apathy. The man looks pretty cold to me.

Posted by K-Squared at February 3, 2005 07:13 PM
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