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posted by Omnibus Driver on January 31, 2005 04:30 PM

cute kitties! yeah, i prefer them, too. low maintenance.

posted by jessica on January 31, 2005 05:01 PM

You just got fired.

posted by Acidman on January 31, 2005 06:36 PM

Get one of those laser pointers for hours of fun with your kitties.
They are both lovely. I love cats, too. And dogs, and horses!

posted by Beth on January 31, 2005 07:36 PM

Good pics, Key! I can't believe they don't get along though. Mine used to fight when I first introduced them but they fought for SO long that I tossed them both into the bathroom, closed the door and didn't let them out for an hour or two. Ever since they're inseparable...and they gang up on me. ;-)

posted by zonker on January 31, 2005 08:14 PM

Nice cats. But I prefer the bolster. Looks comfy. Now that you're fired I can rehire you as Undersecretary of State at a much higher salary. And I won't be bothering you, the Brazilians keeping me occupied. They like to get high on ebene, a Yanomami hallucinogen, and... never mind.

posted by Velociman on January 31, 2005 08:15 PM

Good pics Key, but no one can catbomb Pumpman like I can.

posted by Denny on January 31, 2005 11:27 PM

It's simple, just add one crazy eyed Rottweiler to the family and poof! Cat situation much improved!

posted by WarWagon on February 1, 2005 12:20 PM

"How do ya beat that?"

Two Golden Retreivers.

You've seen them, you know what I mean.

posted by Jesse Brown on February 3, 2005 06:43 AM

I don't know how you did it, but somehow, you have my cats.

Seriously, except for the background, you could swear you're showing Eris and Keegan. Same personality descriptions, too...

posted by Samira on February 13, 2005 08:44 PM
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