Comments: LA Times op-ed piece rips black conservative ministers

The Black Taliban lives on!

Posted by Curtis at February 4, 2005 01:28 PM

"The Black Taliban lives on!"

What kind of foolishness is that? Do you have nay idea what the Taliban were really like? Do you honestly believe that any one in America would want to degenerate our society to that level. Saying things like this obscures the real horror of what the Taliban has done and it cheapens the lives that were at their hands.

Posted by Samantha at February 4, 2005 02:24 PM

The authors of the LA Times hit piece insist that anyone who would follow the evangelical teachings of the Bible are short-sighted and stupid, as opposed to being scholarly followers of the Word of God.

The op-ed says Shockley and Calloway are a minister and a pastor at Los Angeles-area churches. I'd be surprised if those credentials don't leave them well within their rights to question how God's word translates into political and moral choice in the black community.

Posted by George at February 4, 2005 09:47 PM

I love these liberals who have a smattering of religion and try to trot out the one or two things they remember about a Jesus they don't even believe in.
Jesus had compassion but don't forget he said to the woman caught in adultery, "go and sin no more".

Posted by BobG at February 5, 2005 03:29 PM

Translation of article:

"Whose yo' massa?"

One needs to be very concerned when the word "birthright" is used (especially in politics)

Posted by Duane at February 5, 2005 04:02 PM

Maybe you could identify where the bible gets into politics, George. The religious officials are the same as any other man when it comes to subjects outside their competency. Their mantle of irrefutable wisdom falls when they speak in venues where they can be challenged, and trying to tie religion to politics is one of those venues.

Posted by Mike H. at February 5, 2005 04:05 PM
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