Comments: Everybody Wants Me!

Ugh. I saw that this morning and it was hideous. What an ass she made herself out to be.

posted by rick on February 4, 2005 02:19 PM

Who let that oily scank in my town? I gave strict orders.

posted by Velociman on February 4, 2005 05:37 PM

You are better looking.

posted by Catfish on February 4, 2005 07:04 PM

I agree with Cat. You're better looking and you damn well would conduct yourself with more dignity. Not that you wouldn't FLIRT, because that's what you do, but you wouldn't be a twat about it.

Did I just compliment you or insult you?

posted by Acidman on February 4, 2005 08:18 PM

I'll take that as a compliment, thanks. ; )

Yes, while I wouldn't have engaged in come hither dialogue, I would have maintained engaging eye contact and friendly body language while staying on topic, and I sure as hell WOULDN'T have gone off topic by accusing the married host of coming onto me on LIVE friggin TV!

Jeez, that pissed me off.

(I still think she's hot though. And given my bout with zits and wrinkles, I'd trade complexions with her in a New York minute.)

posted by Key on February 4, 2005 10:32 PM
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