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Greetings! What better to do than blog between bastings?

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Hey, you might want to try shaveblogging if you're looking for something to do today. It's the latest hot topic.

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Hola, Tiger!

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Dax was here but now is gone. He left his comment to carry on! Just Damn!

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Manufacturing a weak integrity argument to justify free speech violations...

It started in a federal Court in Pittsburgh and has moved quickly to Colorado Universtity and Iraq. It's a stretch, but political hacks have besieged first amendment free speech protections.

They attempt to combine a provacative essay comparing victims of 911 with Nazi criminals and an emotionally charged General's comments on war, questioning whether such is permissible when the comments may cause damaged to an institution's integrity.


Because in a Pittsburgh federal court a well connected corporate crony has suggested the novice argument, and the legal question is waddling without any legal precedent in need of an activist court.

Thus the current unexplained campaign against “free speech” appears to be little more than a Madison Avenue scheme to control any discussion of the President’s desire to privatize higher education.

That is, a number of for-profit colleges have faced inquiries, lawsuits and other actions calling into question the way they inflate enrollment to mislead/increase the value of their parent company’s stock.

In the last year, the Career Education Corporation of Hoffman Estates, Ill., has faced lawsuits, from shareholders and students, contending that, among other things, its colleges have inflated enrollment numbers. In addition, F.B.I. agents raided 10 campuses run by ITT Educational Services of Carmel, Ind., looking for similar problems.

But in a Pittsburgh federal court there is a bigger can of worms.

Kaplan, Inc., is wholly own by the Washington Post Company. For-profit postsecondary education has turned the company around and individuals far more powerful than Martha Steward have made millions. However, there is a nominal “Watergate” styled federal court proceeding (scandal) involving campus “free speech,” that could expose the administration’s violation of public trust

In short, I provided the S.E.C., Department of Education, and federal courts information that appears to prove Kaplan inflated the Concord School of Law enrollment, telling investors that the “flagship” of its higher education division has as many as 600 to 1000 or more students.

I also provided evidence to prove apparent violations of sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder.

However, in an attempt to protect important icons of the Washington and New York financial/political circle, hacks have been hired to stir a free speech controversy.

But even Stan Chess (En Passant innocently questioned the obvious - a clear violation of the federal securities laws.

“Kaplan’s Concord School of Law says it’s one of the largest law schools in the country, yet for each administration only about 25 of its graduates sit for the bar exam. What happens to the hundreds of other students in each class?”

What are you willing to do?

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kstreet, that is all very interesting, but seems to be more appropriate for another type of blog, or, if I may suggest, for a blog of your own. You can start at Blogger.

As to what I will do, I have my education and want to see all the schools close their doors, revise the curriculum to something worthwhile, open their doors to only qualified individuals, and get out of the money making business. Well, except for the sports teams, but that is a different matter. I think there should be a different type of degree program, where the academic load involves lifeskills, so those that do get the big money, learn how to live the rest of their lives on the income of the those few years where they can make those big bucks.

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HERE! :)

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Hello. I just check in now and again to see what little tidbits of hilarity I can find. It's a sad life I lead!

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I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no Kilroys.

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Good heavens! I go into hibernation for a few days and you ask for a comment! ;-) Can ya forgive me...?

As for the wannabe blogger above, I suggest cleaning his load off the carpet. He sounds like the kind of person who stuffs his unwanted circulars into your mailbox, because he doesn't want to bother throwing them away in his own trash can...


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