Comments: MJ: "I've fallen...and I can't get up!"

How could they tell he had the flu? Was he pale?

Posted by Sharp as a Marble at February 15, 2005 01:37 PM

Sharp, LOL.

This is turning out to be the most amusing trial ever.

Posted by Scooter at February 15, 2005 02:52 PM

Poor baby.

Posted by Indigo at February 15, 2005 03:45 PM

Nice timing, Mike....

Posted by CrzyDJM at February 16, 2005 04:58 AM

Just syndicated da blog, Michael...Gotcha in my left side gutter...

Posted by CrzyDJM at February 16, 2005 06:57 AM

Maybe he got the bird flu from watching Tweety Bird cartoons! "I tot I saw a puddy tat!" Maybe Liz Taylor will bring him some chicken soup? Too bad Richard Burton aint still around as he would get drunk and show Michael how to really moon walk!

Posted by Don at February 16, 2005 04:26 PM
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