Comments: Erotic Dreams

If you figure out how to do it, please share your secret with me. A good erotic dream is better than one of those where you can fly.

If you want to compare NIGHTMARES with me, I can blow your doors off with the crazy stuff I dream about.

posted by Acidman on February 16, 2005 12:09 AM

Oy!! Teeth loosening and falling out. It's one of my regulars.

posted by Jim -PRS on February 16, 2005 03:39 PM

That hunk with the ultimately bad teeth you blogged about has obviously bothered you. I suggest a warm oatmeal bath, then finding a stray wino with some loose 'uns you can tie to the doorknob for a quick slam.

But that is only a thought. I DO have a degree in behavioral science, though, and I didn't even charge for this advice.

posted by Velociman on February 16, 2005 09:33 PM
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