Comments: Negroponte to be named

You know who else was probably really impressed with John Negroponte's activites?

Oops- I misspoke. I mean brave "Nationalist forces" and heroic "Freedom Fighters" (Hey-isn't that what the US is doing in Iraq right now? Fighting for Freedom?)

I'm glad to see that in Iraq they're considering using the "El Salvadore Option" to fight the partisians.
After all, American trained and supported "Freedom Fighters" are what have so endeared the United States to Central America even to this day.
Maybe he'll set up a "School of the Arabias" inside the Baghdad Green Zone.

Wow- the '80s retro craze is still going on in Washington. Someone should tell them that the '80s are sooooooo 2003.

Posted by Blackglasses at February 17, 2005 08:27 PM