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I'm so excited for you and your husband! As one who had the opportunity to do this twice (US Navy, two WESTPACs), please let me ask you to be patient with him; he is returning to a foreign culture, and to a wife who apparently can function quite well without him (as you, and countless other spouses have done--think of Capt. Patti's Tim!), and he will experience some relational disorientation (I am an expert on this subject--it's been over twenty years, and my wife will attest to me being STILL disoriented), as he re-integrates back into your life.

Of course, you will face some challenges yourself, as you well know. Someone once reminded her daughter what kind of man she was about to marry: Valerie was about to marry a sinner. But Elizabeth Elliot then reminded Valerie that there was a man who was about to marry--a sinner also.

So be patient, as he stumbles, and at times bumbles. I know you will. Just some thoughts from an old geezer whose wife is still stuck with him after 28 years. I am so happy for you both and will be praying for you.

Grace and peace,

Posted by Jim Shawley at March 8, 2005 01:03 AM

I am so happy the time passed quickly for you. i know i didnt get 2 winks the night before my erics return. i hope you get a full nights rest!

please tell your husband 'thank you' from us here in kennesaw georgia. and thank you to you for being such a strong wife! things might be a little bumpy or awkward at first but thats expected. Congradulations! you've made it through one of the toughest times of you life. Be proud for both you, and him. I am.

I know the joy you will feel when you see him tomorrow. it literally takes your breath away.


Posted by liz at March 8, 2005 03:23 AM

I have checked every day hoping that this is the post I'd see. OK - actually hoping to, he's coming home today...but this is darn good news too!!

I'm so happy for you. For BOTH of you!!

Posted by Tammi at March 8, 2005 04:30 AM

If you were my neighbor, I'd buy you a case of beer and a couple of bottles of wine in celebration. As you are in Germany and I am in Texas, I shall have to settle for buying said beer & wine for my upstairs neighbor, whose husband is to return from Iraq sometime this month.

Posted by James at March 8, 2005 06:24 AM

James, buy a bottle for your neighbor on my behalf too!

Posted by Sarah at March 8, 2005 06:35 AM

It's a day to celebrate! Enjoy every minute of it.

Posted by Jamie at March 8, 2005 10:30 AM