Comments: Vernon Robinson the "wrong kind" of black speaker at Bowdoin College?

Love that liberal tolerance their always espousing. It's this kind of hate that's killing them from the inside out.

Posted by BobG at March 8, 2005 12:03 AM

?They show that black America is not a simple monolith, but a complex community, not unlike the rest of America. One with diverse views and ideologies and opinions. And they show that we are not the "bad guys" that Gilchrist and others like him want to portray us as. We have an equal stake in black America and in the rest of the nation.

A great conclusion to your post. Well said.

Posted by ccs178 (Chris) at March 8, 2005 01:11 PM


thanks for sharing this. Go Vernon Robinson.

Posted by Curtis at March 9, 2005 06:26 AM


Am not sure of footing with this so if the following causes massive offense i apologise it is not intended.

Confederate flag. I have never actively studied that US Civil War but from what I understand the issue was more states rights than slavery. The states that formed the confederacy did so because they felt that it was their right to decide issues such as slavery not the right of the Federal government to impose its view. They accordingly ceceded from the Union. Now the fact remains they wanted to keep slavery but were annoyed at what they saw as unwarranted interference over the wishes of the populace. If that is so then surely the person who said "should open a history book" may to do so himself. In addition the flag of the confederacy is more a symbol of rebellion/self determination.

Agree people like Coulter are as entitled to speak publicly as Moore and it is peoples benefit to hear both sides of an issue.

Posted by Nick Saunders at March 9, 2005 06:55 PM

People like du Houx and his College Democrats remind me of some white liberal callers I used to get on my radio show.   After listening to me and my views awhile, the would call and incredulously ask, "How dare you say the things you do, after all we have done for you!"   And I would answer, "Done for me? Done for me? I don't know you! And you certainly haven't done a damn thing for me but patronize me."

Usually the next thing those callers would hear is a dial-tone.

Thanks - I really savored this. I'm an open-minded guy - even open to the liberal world view - but have been onto this faux 'benevolence' scam since I was a kid. "After all we have done for you!" Yeah right.

Posted by RD at March 11, 2005 10:16 PM

We seem to have reached the point in the United States where we don't want to have political discourse. We want to have a "kill them all..take no prisoners" approach. When this mentality reaches into a school like Bowdoin College we have indeed reached a new low. Liberals and conservatives fear speaking out today because members of the Radical Left like Ward Churchill and the Radical Right like Ann Coulter will promptly begin to dissect them with bon mots and charges of being "Uncle Toms." As every schoolchild knows it is impossible to disprove a negative so once one has been branded a racist or worse the charge floats around and gradually gains a life of its own.

Personally I doubt that many at Bowdoin College have much but an academic connection with race relations in the United States and it might do them well to hear an alternative position from a person who has lived it whether they think they agree with him in principle or not.

In any event the principles of academic freedom would guarantee him the freedom to speak and the principles of academic inquiry should lead students who oppose his views to challenge them in some way other than chanting, "Uncle Tom, Uncle Tom" who was, for those who actually read the book, a most admirable fellow.

Posted by Jim Jordan at March 15, 2005 06:18 PM
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