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I've enjoyed reading your blog these past few months. I am so glad that your husband made it back safe and sound. You have every reason to be proud of him and all the others like him. It is people like you two that make me proud to be an American.

Regards (fron The Heart Of Dixie)


Posted by Sam Kelly at March 8, 2005 03:01 PM

I remember Tim's letter to you - and crying. This is just as touching......maybe more so as I've been reading you the entire time and have laughed and/or cried for/with you every day.

I'm just so happy you will have him home with you so very soon! Today! Today! IT'S TODAY!!

Posted by Tammi at March 8, 2005 03:11 PM

I was already getting teary eyed at "Dear CaliValleyGirl". Thanks so much for thinking about me right now, when your mind is surely on much more exciting things.
I can't help but think about you too. I am so excited for you! And in a bizarre way, I am also excited for me too. Although I look forward to the anticipation of greeting him back in a year, I also look forward to all the experiences this year will bring.
Thanks for all the support you have offered me, and I wish you all the best for the reunion that you have been dreaming about for a year!

Posted by calivalleygirl at March 8, 2005 03:27 PM

Everyone else has said it, I remember this letter too. And I can't tell you how happy I am for you both.

Posted by Teresa at March 8, 2005 03:36 PM

Sarah, I'm so so so happy for you and Russ! It's been a joy (and many times, a comfort) to read your blog over this past year (+). Enjoy.

Posted by Carla at March 8, 2005 03:46 PM

I love the picture and I very much enjoyed what you wrote in this post.

Your husband has done the Iraqis and us a great service, and you have to by being so supportive. Thank you. Your family reminds me of how proud I am to be an American, and how appreciative I am that there are many families like yours.

Posted by Athena at March 12, 2005 12:36 AM