Comments: Bush, Fox and Martin met (and accomplished nothing)

"Fox but I was too irritated that the press up here kept calling them The Three Amigos "

You anti-Canadianism is showing through again. In fact, the term was coined by a CNN talking head and used repeatedly on all the American networks.

Posted by Flanstein at March 30, 2005 10:42 AM

Sorry, Flanstein, I didn't mean it as an anti-Canadianism. I am very anti-Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, and sometimes even the Toronto Sun, but I don't judge Canadians by the content of their media, and I hope people have too much sense to judge Americans by the content of their media.

If you say that CNN first used it then I believe you, but it doesn't change my opinion that it's a stupid phrase which signifies nothing and was used far too often.

Posted by Debbye at March 30, 2005 11:50 AM