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As I said in my post for today, I'm not sure it would have even mattered if Terri had left a living will. Once the money ran out, I suspect that if Michael hadn't pulled the tube the hospital would have. In reality it's not about what we want. It's about what we can afford. Once the insurance is maxed out and the family money is gone, the hospital (by way of state laws giving the right to do so) will pull the plug.
Apparently the media has decided to assisst the President and his party in the dismissing of the continued conflict in Iraq. Much as they did with Vietnam. Had it not been for protesters the majority of the US would have forgotten all about the troops in Vietnam. Which is what will happen here if someone doesn't speak up. I've noticed that even in the blogosphere the subject is seldom mentioned anymore.

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Posted by wanda at April 5, 2005 05:51 PM

Have a wonderful Birthday Momma!

Posted by elliott at April 5, 2005 06:57 PM

Happy Birthday Mama!

Posted by Jack at April 5, 2005 07:32 PM

Amen, Mama.

Lovely post.

& a Happy Birthday to you.

Posted by emma at April 6, 2005 07:57 AM

Happy B-Day Mama

SlagleRock Out!

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