Comments: SORRY

Its not a matter of missing you or anything. Its the CRAVINGS. However, here's an update for you on what's been happening in the world:

Pope's dead. Jimmy Carter didn't get invited to the wake, he was told rabbits would be present.

Saddam Hussein cries like a little girl with a skinned knee every night now, a Kurd got elected to Iraqi high office.

Strykers don't have air conditioning.

Burger King now has the Maximum Arterosclerosis Omlet Meal at over 70g of fat. Mmmm!

Old air bags are more dangerous than new air bags, film at 11.

There is "lime Coke" now, for some reason.

I managed to buy all the Invader ZiM DVDs.

You still look cute poking your head out the TC hatch.

Posted by Deskmerc at April 7, 2005 03:39 PM