Comments: NYT calls Rogers Brown "enemy of minorities"

Interesting that Judge Brown is exactly the type of person Democrats say they are doing their thing for. Single mother, who worked her way through college and Law School.

Judge Brown was elected in California - that bastion of Conservatism by 76% of the vote.

I am firmly convinced that this is not even about justices anymore, since the Democrats want to negotiate an allowance of 4 of the dangerous right wing zealots, if the Republicans leave Senate Rule XXII alone.

Any republican who wants to get reelected better stand up to this mess. It smells.

Posted by Joel (No Pundit Intended) at April 28, 2005 10:50 PM

I saw a speech on CSPAN that she gave last year and shed tears. What an amazing lady.

As for The Times...

Posted by Steven J. Kelso Sr. at April 29, 2005 05:15 PM
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