Comments: Newsweek fallout: Muslims don't believe apology, still upset

I'm sure the loony left will blame evil genuis Karl Rove for planting the story as a destraction from the looming filerbuster fight.

Posted by New Leadership at May 16, 2005 10:07 AM

Newsweek knew what they were doing. Many of the people in the Middle East Countries believe that the Government of every country controls the media, because thats what their governments do. Unlike everyone else, the American Media can say or do just about anything they want to get the story out and promote their views.

Posted by Sgt Fluffy at May 16, 2005 12:29 PM

I'm sure it's not PC, nor the most sensitive thinking but....

The way that I feel right now after all the crap we've taken from that part of the world - If someone manufactured toilet paper with the Koran printed on it, I'd buy it!!!!

Posted by Odd Brian at May 16, 2005 01:06 PM

this may be a good thing. this may wake people up and let them see these people for who they really are. even if the story is true who on earty would riot and kill people because their holy book was flushed? Christinas are physically persecuted daily in muslim nations but why is it not reported. My God doesnt need protection from me, if the Bible was done this way I would not riot.

Posted by shari at May 17, 2005 03:36 AM
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