Comments: The Librano family business

I like your "family" analogy. Every family needs a "godfather". And this family is not unlike the one in the movie.

Some food for thought...

Chirac is in trouble in France
Schröder is in trouble in Germany
Putin is in trouble in Russia
Martin is in deep trouble in Canada

Bush was re-elected with a good majority
Howard was re-elected with a good majority
Blair was re-elected with a majority

What does this tell us about the left vs the right? those who supported the war vs those who didn't?

Posted by Bill at May 30, 2005 12:40 AM

That was -- without a doubt -- one of the best analyses of Canadian politics I have read in a long time. I think you hit the nail on the head with regards to how the public views itself and how the Liberals' policies and attitudes towards Canada have cost us all dearly... especially in regards to the resurgence of Quebec sovereignty.

Posted by Surecure at May 30, 2005 10:52 AM

It's tangential, but I've always thought it an interesting point of historical departure to speculate about what would've happened if Henry V had lived longer. I suspect France might've been lost a generation or two later as England bloodied itself in the Wars of the Roses, but still, the world would probably be a VERY different place. However, I can imagine Henry and Catherine producing more children than the future Henry VI, so the Wars of the Roses might have been avoided: imagine one of those children marrying into the ascendant Hapsburg dynasty and you could see the head of the House of Lancaster eventually ruling most of western Europe as King of France, King of Spain, and Holy Roman Emperor.

Posted by Dave J at May 30, 2005 02:01 PM

Joe Clark is a very easy to like person. I met Clark personally and can see he would be an ideal neighbour. Very likable guy. A leader needs to have a little more of the operator element a la Brian Mulroony.

Harper has level a headed approach and can choose wording on his feet quite well. Some say he made an error not holding on to Ms Stronach, but the jusry is not in on that yet.

It may well be that Belinda gave Harper an utimatum and he wisely chose not to give into her demands.

I have read writings from Belinda's hand and some were very wise and earned my respect. If in fact those thoughts were really hers and not from hired 'advisors'.

Only after Ms Stronach makes some political power lever moves can we judge Mr Harper's wisdom on letting her go.

Mr. Harper and the party could make gains with Canadian Voters by outlining steps he will take to protect National revenues from theft and pilferage.

Plans to introduce Whistle-Blower legislation with real penalty power is somehting every tax paying Canadian can identify with.

Enacting law to provide Account and Audit for every Ministry and department with reporting to an independant committee and the speaker's office would be a vast improvement over the impossible general system we have now.

Paul Martin suggested this himself as an action of atonement. He aught to know what will work. He's the expert on how revenues are pilfered.

Yes, the party that can outline to voters how to secure public revenues is the party who can strike a common chord and gain real public support.

73s TG

Posted by TonyGuitar at May 31, 2005 12:49 AM

I fear people like Harper because I sense he feels no responsiblity toward others, and doesn't respect the differences between people and cultures within the country. With him in power, I feel like we would be going back to a dark age, one where I see the States right now.
I think it's sad that Canadians are discredited in your argument as non-thinkers, unaware of policy and only leaning toward the most charismatic of politicians, or at least you imply that Canadians are deceived into voting a certain way because the media tells us what to believe.
And, with all respect, the French separatist movement has been part of Canadian history for over 200 years. It's nothing new, and hasn't reached any particluar pinnacle now.
I think Quebec brings much to this country but I have a serious problem that our country's most horrible criminal, Karla Homolka, is being assesed for danger in a Quebec court that will not even offer translation for the people and journalists of the "rest of the country".

Posted by Sookie at June 4, 2005 08:29 PM

Sookie, one of the problems here in Toronto is that so many people do not realize how deeply angry Quebeckers and Westerners are.

The fury in Quebec is such that I haven't witnessed in all my years here, and it's impossible not to take their side in all this because they are clearly the injured party.

Those of us who actually watched the testimony - particularly that of Jean Brault and Jacques Corriveau - were shocked much more than the sound bites and printed coverage in the press could convey.

The failure by the minority government to call an election only entrenched the anger and alientation.

Harper is against separation of both Quebec and the West, but the situation is spiraling rapidly out of control and I wouldn't be surprised if the West and Quebec held refendums at the same time.

On your first point, about responsibility, that word can mean different things. If you mean the kind of responsbility parents have for children and we all have for those who are handicapped, I think Harper understands that kind of responsbility fully.

I believe we have a responsibility to give everyone an even break, and not allow skin colour, religion or country of origin form the basis of our evaluation of them, much less be used against them.

But I believe everyone has responsibilities too, not the least of which is to be responsbile for themselves and their actions.

On Homolka, I am sickened by her being allowed to go free and by the media's fascination with her. I don't know how the families of her victims can bear all this.

Somebody characterized the coverage as "murder porn" and it fits.

If nothing else, though, it taught us all that we must never, ever, assume that the female partner of a vicious man is necessarily a victim.

Posted by Debbye at June 7, 2005 07:21 AM