Comments: Conversations with Pears volume 6

Pear has truly amazing leaves... he uses them to work the TV remote when you're not looking...yeah, uh huh, he does... I have pictures... (ow, Pear! stop.. ok, ok, I won't show him the pictures... ouch!!)

So you'll just have to take my word for it.

Posted by JulieB at June 15, 2005 05:42 PM

I saw pear out here at one of the local clubs a few weeks back. The girls were all over him. He's quite the pimp you know.

Strange thing though, they weren't calling him sexy, but suculent.

Posted by Jeremy at June 15, 2005 05:50 PM

ROFLMAO - - succulent! ahhh, right Jeremy! But the big question is: Did they swallow?

Sorry... I know you'll delete this comment later Jess, you can do that, I understand, it was just, just tooo tempting.

Posted by JulieB at June 15, 2005 06:34 PM

I won't delete it. This is a free speech zone. No comments deleted.

Posted by jess @ LOSLI at June 15, 2005 06:39 PM

OH Pear! We need to talk, babe. That was a "No promises, just good for you and me" moment and you know that!

Posted by JulieB at June 16, 2005 03:46 PM
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