Comments: Save the DNC?

Thank you so much. I appreciate your words very much. :)

Posted by jody at June 20, 2005 10:23 PM

I disagree. Let them go off the deep end and into obscurity. The two party system does not need them.

Of course the REPUBLICAN party needs the Donks if they are to stay in power, but real conservatism will do just fine without the Democrats.

This has happened before. The scenario has occurred at least twice since the constitution was adopted. Here is what will happen:

1. The Donks will continue to overplay their socialist agenda and America will reject them outright.

2. Another conservative party, perhaps the Libertarian or Constitution Party (or, more likely, a new party formed as the result of the union of several other conservative entities), will take its place as the true right-wing party in the US, and the Republicans will take their rightful place as the more liberal of the parties.

Let's face it. There's nothing conservative about "No Child Left Behind" or even the "partial" privatization of Socialist Security.

The political pendulum is swinging to the right. The Donks cannot survive it unless they ditch the socialist agenda and become conservative. We all know that will not happen. Let them go, and allow the conservatives to being freedom back to the US.

I have commented and posted on this subject quite a few times, so I'm repeating myself. Check my blog and Rocker and Sage. Much of this is buried in the comments, however. Maybe it's time to work a new post on it.


Posted by RightWingRocker at June 21, 2005 07:33 AM
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