Comments: Conversations with MS Excel Volume 3

BWA HA HA oh yes... you figured out Excel... uh, huh, tell me another one. BUT!!! Learning how to sort data is a nice step forward. Baby steps, Jess, baby steps are fine, just keep walking.

I should point out that your Exel has an attitude and deserves a kick in its multiple combination charts, and you can tell it that I said so, and if E doesn't listen, tell 'em you got my phone number and will call it if he doesn't shape up.

Posted by JulieB at June 28, 2005 01:04 PM

You know, if Microsoft products could talk, that's exactly what they would say. Heh.

Posted by owlish at June 28, 2005 06:10 PM

Thanks for stopping by Owlish. I will be by to see your place.

Posted by jess @ LOSLI at June 28, 2005 06:20 PM
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