Regurgitation For: Being An Adult Sucks

If you ask me, I'd much rather have Hello Kitty covers than have to sit on the front porch with a cane, yelling at those "damn kids" that pass by.

Sorry to hear about your new car!

Declared by cousineddie at July 2, 2005 08:53 AM

You really want to feel old, have kids! I thought I was young. I thought I was still cool. I guess I was badly misguided. as I was informed by my 4 year old that a college girl was "like 68 years younger" Ahh...how sweet.

Declared by Sailgirl at July 2, 2005 08:09 PM

I totally agree. So totally agree. I want to go back to high school. Where the only things you worry about is what you'll be doing after school and whether or not to go to school.

Declared by The Snakehead at July 3, 2005 02:50 PM

Glad you're back F - I wondered what happened to you. Sorry about the car...

Declared by Ruth at July 4, 2005 06:23 PM
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